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New World Chapter

Annual Membership Rates

Membership is exclusively reserved for inductees of the New World Chapter of the Guilde Internationale de Fromagers. You must already be a member of the Guilde in order to pay Guilde membership dues. The term of Guilde membership is the calendar year, and is not prorated for a partial year. Guilde membership dues are not refundable.  You can also call 541-665-1155 x168 and give us a credit card and we can process your payment manually.

Your membership level is awarded to you and reflects your recognition and rank within the guilde. All members receive the same technical benefits on the website and app.


  • Compagnon. USD $81
  • Compagnon d'Honneur. USD $108
  • Protecteur. USD $108
  • Ambassadeur. USD $108
  • Ambassadeur Maitre Fromager. USD $188
  • Maitre Honoris Caseus. USD $108
  • Garde et Jure. USD $94
  • Prud'homme. USD $134
  • Maitre Fromager. USD $188

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