June 24, 2024

NYC Event Press Release Updated: 6-27-2024

Guilde Internationale des Fromagers Confrerie de Saint-Uguzon
Paris, France Recognizes Cheese Professionals
in New York City, NY

NEW YORK CITY, NY (June 23, 2024) – Roland Barthelemy, Prevot of Guilde Internationale des Fromagers traveled from France to recognize and induct ten cheese professionals, and recognized contributions from four individuals in the United States on June 23, 2024 in New York City, NY during the 638th Chapter Induction at a ceremony during the annual Fancy Food Show.  The individuals inducted are considered not only experts in the making of cheese, but also experts in the production, maturation and preservation of standards, quality and education of fine cheese.  The honorees are exemplary individuals in their support, education and promotion of traditionally produced cheeses through many organizations.

Included are the finest cheese makers, cheese mongers, affineurs, distributors and retailers, all part of a group of dedicated culinary experts receiving the high honor.  Ten individuals were recognized at the level of Garde et Jure of the Guilde Internationale des Fromagers and four named Campagnons.  Inductees of the Garde et Jure level included: Michael Coffee – Whole Foods Market, Baltimore, MD, Erika and John Aylward – The Boulevard Market, Tecumseh, MI,  Tess McNamara –  Eataly, New York City, NY, Randy Sweeney–  Lactalis, Palm Coast, FL, Raymond Hook – Capella’s, Atlanta, GA, Brian Wasik – Wasik’s Cheese Shop, Wellesley, MA, Elizabeth Roller Dilworth – Murray’s Cheese, New York City, NY, Stephanie Jordan – World’s Best Cheese, Alameda, CA,  Tyler Hawes – Forever Cheese, New York City, NY.  The Champagnon level recognition was awarded to David Gibbons – East Hampton, NY, Brandon Gross – FoodMatch, New York City, NY, Andy Nusser – Casa Mono Restaurant, New York City, NY, and Christina Minardi – Whole Foods Market, Austin, TX.  This induction celebrates the 22nd Anniversary of the first induction held in the United States and the 12th Anniversary of this chapter which consists of Australia, Canada, Mexico and the United States members.

The event sponsored by Whole Foods Market, the National Association of Specialty Foods, Jasper Hill Farm, EMMI Roth, Sweet Grass Dairy, Murray’s Cheese, Cabot Creamery, Vermont Creamery, Uplands Cheese, Cypress Grove, Cowgirl Creamery and Dairy Farmer’s of Wisconsin was held at the Main Stage at the Jacob Javits Convention Center.  Following a 50 plus year tradition of pomp, the ceremony is complete with robes and a presentation of medals and certificates. Internationally renowned cheese expert and Prevot of the International Guilde, Mr. Roland Barthélemy, mastered the ceremonies and Cathy Strange, President of the Chapter representing Australia, Canada, Mexico and the United States and VP of Whole Foods Market, presented further remarks.  The ceremony celebrated the Chapter of the Guilde 12th Anniversary and the contributions of all members. The Chapter Board includes President Cathy Strange of Whole Foods Market, USA, Vice President and Treasurer David Gremmels, Ambassador’s Stephanie Ciano of World’s Best Cheese, USA, Yannick Achim of Yannick Fromagerie, Quebec, Canada, Will Studd of Will Studd Cheese, Australia and Georgina Yescas of Lactography, Mexico City, Mexico.

Mr. Pierre Androuët, a cheese maker, created the Guilde des Fromagers and Confrerie of Saint-Uguzon in 1969 in Dijon, France epicurean and intellectual. The Guilde, for dairy professionals who were dedicated to preserving standards in cheese making throughout the world, and the Confrerie, for cheese aficionados and experts such as chefs, restaurateurs, food scientists and food journalists whose objective was to share their knowledge and the knowledge of the cheese makers.

We invite all cheesemongers around the world to celebrate International Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day on October 18th of 2024.  For further information:
Oldways Cheese Raw Milk Day info

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Cathy Strange, Whole Foods Market, Vice President Ambassador of Food Culture, Austin, Texas
United States of America
Ambassador Guilde Internationale des FromagersZ
T: +1.512.542.0848  | E:  cathy.strange@wholefoods.com

David Gremmels, Founder, Rogue Creamery and CHURN, Medford, Oregon
United States of America
Ambassador Guilde Internationale des Fromagers
T: +1.541.601.7758 | E:  dlgremmels@gmail.com

Stephanie Ciano, World’s Best Cheese Boston, MA
United States of America
Ambassador Guilde Internationale de Fromagers
T: +1.617.791.7500 | E:  stephanie@wbcheese.com

Yannick Achim, Yannick Fromagerie Quebec, Canada
Ambassador Guilde Internationale de Fromagers
T: +1.450. 436.8469 | E:  yannick@yannickfromagerie.ca

Will Studd, Will Studd Cheese and International Cheese Specialist/media commentator, Australia
Ambassador Guilde Internationale de Fromagers
+61 418.548005 | E:  E.will@studd.com.au

Georgina Yescas, Lactography, Mexico City, Mexico
Ambassador Guilde Internationale de Fromagers
E: geoyestru@gmail.com

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