Jean Charles Arnaud/ Juraflore/Fort Des Rousses:
The Comté Juraflore and Comté Fort des Rousses are produced by the Fromagerie Arnaud. Founded by Charles Arnaud, it has been a family dairy since 1907. Jean Charles Arnaud, the current owner, spent his childhood with his Grandfather, Charles, cheese maker at Fruitière du Faroz. It is a small village in Jura region, in France. There, he learned every single rudiment of cheese making. Passionate about mountain and cheese, he discovered Fort des Rousses miles of gallery, during his military service in 1995.

Fort des Rousses was built in 1840, at 3800 feet, after 70 years of hard labor; it is the 2nd biggest fortress in France with 12 acres of stone-vaulted rooms. At that time, the facility could be the home of 3500 people and their horses for a year. Today, thanks to the high stability of the climate and its irreplaceable vaulted effect, most of the fortress has been transform in Comté aging. The most amazing cave is the Charles Arnaud gallery of 702 feet, under his father name. Trying this wonderful Comté will transport you directly in the heart of Jura Mountain and the Fort des Rousses.


Based in the heart of the Basque Country, on the west side of the Pyrenees Mountains, AGOUR is a traditional family company strongly entrenched in its native area. They specialize in PDO cheeses from the Pyrenees and Basque regions, among which the well-known Ossau-Iraty. Their cheeses have been rewarded internationally with Gold Medals.


Livradois has 3 dairies in the heart of the Auvergne Mountains. It is the only family business remaining in Auvergne with such a large range, including a unique raw milk line of all AOC cheeses from Auvergne. The cheeses of the Thuaire family are some of France’s most delectable delicacies. The line includes a nice range of distinctive, high quality specialty cheeses that are sure to shine on cheese platters and provide the « pièce de résistance » at your next party.


In 1981, Mr. Guilloteau, developped an innovative and delicious cheese with the ultra-filtration proces named Pavé d'Affinois. Two years later, he created the Fromagerie Guilloteau in the charming French village of Pelussin.
Family-owned and Independent Business Fromagerie Guilloteau is dedicated to its area, inhabitants and more largely to its environment. Guilloteau buys the milk from local farmers and ensure the production of high-quality products. Guilloteau has revolutionized the world of soft-ripened cheeses and still is with an ever evolving range.


Sèvre et Belle & Echiré
Echiré and Sevre et Belle are part of the C.L.S. (Coopérative Laitière de la Sèvre) which is one of the most renowned Coops in Charentes-Poitou
Sevre et Belle is a coop which has built its reputation for its technology and its quality standards. Located in the heart of Poitou-Charentes, Sevre et Belle is well-known for its top-quality churned butter and its traditional goat cheese. The « Rolls Royce of Goat Cheeses » has regularly received awards in international and local competition.

Renowned to be a staple in high-end French restaurants, the PDO Echiré butter is also famous all around the world for its flavor. It reveals a subtle, delicate and soft texture. it is a perfect addition to the table. They have been rewarded multiple times over the years for their always surprising delicacies.